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Advantages of Choosing FirstStates

Performance and Results

Ultimately results matter.  Achievement is one of our corporate values for a reason.  We preach it every day and live to achieve our clients’ financial goals.  FirstStates’ staff is time tested and proven to produce results.


FirstStates consistently exceeds industry averages in all relevant metrics including collection rates, days in A/R, claims processing times, and clean claims rate.  We work hard to submit claims with accuracy the first time.  When claims are denied we work them immediately to ensure payment.  Claims tend to get ‘misplaced’ by insurance payers, our follow up program identifies them and sees that they are processed.  The patient services department represents both our clients and FirstStates.  They are trained to manage timely patient communication, negotiate payment, and treat patients with the respect they deserve.

Unrivaled Service and Dependability

We take pride in helping your organization succeed.  We are invested in the success and growth of your organization.  Our service is high end with close to home comfortable feeling, we aren’t a national company and your business is important to us.  Our clients entrust us to recover their receivables.  We provide open communication and insight into our performance.  If you have a question, we will meet, call or email promptly.


We employ highly qualified and experienced billers whose job is to become an extension of your office, share knowledge and provide ongoing training.  Our staff has expertise in billing and accounts receivables for specialty physicians, EMS agencies and dentists; chances are we’ve experienced your billing challenges and you can rely on us to implement solutions.

Individualized Service and Billing Insight

We’ve worked with multiple EMR programs, billing programs, and ePCR programs.  Our service and production stays consistently excellent.  We build and implement a receivables management program tailored to your organizations unique goals, challenges and needs.  We recognize that no two organizations are the same, so we don’t treat you like everyone else.


Maintain control of your revenue, keep your billing software or EMR or migrate to ours; either way we provide our clients with 24/7 insight into their receivables and our work.

Unique Financial Philosophy

FirstStates is a financial services company that specializes in medical billing and receivables management. In other words, we recover more of your revenue. Our operation is driven by our Corporate Values: Integrity, Accountability, Communications, Teamwork, Respect for Others, and Achievement.


We benchmark our success on achieving your financial goals. We invest in the best personnel to perform the job in accordance with our principles. Our employees understand the value of your revenue. Our management team constantly evaluates the performance of each department based on your financial results and adherence to our corporate values.

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