Corporate Values:

Since 1997  We’ve Operated by Our Corporate Values:

Respect for Others.

Who We Are:

FirstStates’ is operated by a management team of finance professionals with experiences in banking, consumer retail management, debt collection, and medical billing.

Our goal oriented environment differentiates us from other billing companies.

Our team of revenue cycle professionals are experienced medical billers, ambulance billers, and debt negotiation professionals trained to maximize client revenue.  At their disposal is a wealth of industry knowledge as well as efficiencies in process and technology.

Every staff member is trained to think of themselves not just as a biller or coder but as a true revenue cycle professional responsible for performing effectively in order to achieve thoughtfully designed client revenue and key performance matrix goals individualized for each client.

Every account is audited for proper follow up with insurance companies and patients to ensure that collectable revenue does not slip through the cracks.

Our staff works as an extension of your medical office or EMS agency to ensure your organization is represented with professionalism when interacting with patients or insurance companies.

We stick to our corporate values and our focus on what really matters to you: bottom line financial results, and client service.

Corporate Mission Statement:

“To establish profitable relationships with our business clients, benefiting each with professionalism, integrity and quality service.  We will, in all instances, train and reward our employees to carry out the company’s mission, while maintaining a work-place environment of the highest standard of excellence.”